Over the edge lies a new world.

Nearly finished .. only the lightening to go.


This painting was actually finished late 2007.  There is yet to go the thousands of dots that made up the red gum and clematis flowers growing on the banks opposite the viewer.  The three lightning strikes littered the sky. 

A very potent picture that had dramatic impact as soon as the viewer walked into the room.  The picture drew the viewer into feeling as if the were actually standing among the low lying growth of plants right on the edge of this world overview and orchestrating the scene below. 

Those who have seen this sceen have been visably taken back to where they two have viewed something similar. 

The current owners being from South Africa are reminded of a view from the Table Top Mountains.  To others of places near Kurow [New Zealand] , southern table lands in New South Wales as well as areas near the southern part of the Upper Murray in Victoria.  Still others from Scotland. 

In actual fact the picture merged into the final being from the artists mind.

Coming in to land.

This seagul looks so controled as he dares to land.  There are seals about and fishermen cleaning down boats so the seaguls just hang around.

However the movement of the water, the stillness of the day, and the fact that this seas gul probably lands hundreds of times a day has meant there are no ruffled feathers.  Confidence in routine leads to a wonderful portrail of ability.  That quality has been captured in this photo.

Swirling , Twirling

Swirling, twirling circular lines. Life goes on below the surface.  What gets dug out goes on top.  When the tide comes in the sand is then washed away.

Ripple effects

Water always fascinates me. I love the flows, ripples and movement of water. This photo presents as it was taken.  The surface is responding to the conflicting movements of boats and people around the wharf at Port Albert, Victoria, Australia.  There was not even a  breeze at this time

Ouch something bit me!

Sometimes nature throws a curve that no one expects.  Let alone this star fish.  But then I found that the colors around the lights and darks, made a terrific photo.  Just having the turning tide so still beyond the mat of green draws my eyes into watching the spiky light cream tentacles of the star fish.  Nearby were the sea gulls just waiting to finish this and other tasty morsels. 

When I took this photo I had changed the setting from a night setting to the automatic setting.  The photo itself looks just a bit pale.  However since the starfish must have been hurting with the loss of a leg and the suns intensity, I thought that the blandness in colors were applicable.

As if it was not cold before!

Cubes and more cubes.  Layers upon layers.  To cold to even melt.  And still the sunlight refracted through.  And people say that this is refreshing?

Just a ‘V’ sign

Hi Five and here is the ‘V’ sigh.  A ‘brickery’ has been developed and awaits planting!

Colours are everywhere

Travelling just down the road I had been able to keep an eye of this small Oak tree.  Once a year the leaves fall on the cairn that commemorates the loss of two young lives.  Over the past few years the Autumn colours have been creeping in slower.  Now Autumn has finally turned to the beginning of winter. 

However quietness of the gently falling leaves and the hum of near by cars passing on a rural main road did nothing to detract from the area.  The crisp smells of the farm land around, the freshness of the rain that had fallen reflects through  these photos.

The only bug bear of the morning was being unable to take a photo without the high electrical wires being there.  This place was surrounded by bog, farm fences and animals on the farms side, cars on the other side.

Where it fell.

After a wedding party that was held at the Hazelwood South Hall I came across this lonely rose bud.  Just lying there among two gum tree flowers. When we were planting the gums and other shrubs fifteen years ago I never consciously tought of the contrasts between the natives and the imported ‘anythings’.  Comming across the rose bud amongst the  just nestled there among the natives was a start reminder to me of the contrasts that this land provides.  The soft to touch spikes from the gums to the  foreign softness of the rose intrigued me.  So,I went all the way home to get the camera.  Arriving back one hour later as I was walking that day.

I actually had trouble with the settings as the rose either looked washed out or ‘too’ pale therefore had little contrast showing.  Or the Gum flowers looked pale pink… all through.  Somethings I am finding ar better taken in certain lights.

Hot and Cool

Nestled in the side curve of the road was a bit of shade.  The temperature did not really drop  from the 43 degree Celsius in the sun [ hotter sitting  in the car though]. What got me were the dark  lines the tree trunks made with the leaves in the middle copping and reflecting the direct blase of the sun.  Very aware of these contrasts as the Churchill Fires 2009 had not long just been contained although many spots remained smoldering.

And yet not 20 meters down the road  and around the corner there  you met two  more contrasts.  The dry heat from the sun and the cool shade from the trees.

Over the hill and around the corner the rel heat hit you  and then the all to familiar smoke haze was there.  Weeks after the town people were putting away the though of Smoke haze those in the counrty were aware of living through it.